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08 October 2011 @ 06:24 pm
SERIES: Swordspoint

Green, with gold brocadeCollapse )
02 August 2011 @ 08:12 am
I just want to state for the record that I shipped Charles/Erik back when they were old

(but this movie oh god this movie OH GOD THE BEAUTIFUL TEARS)

Yearning (Charles & Erik)

My thoughts seek out your thoughtsCollapse )

# # #

Candles (Charles & Erik, Emma)

If you try anything, I’ll kill you.Collapse )

# # #

Probability (Darwin/Alex)

Statistics, you see, is very groovy.Collapse )

# # #

Guilt (Charles/Erik)

I’m afraid I’m rather indisposed tonightCollapse )

# # #

Choices (Charles/Erik)

Charles’ mind was a beautiful place.Collapse )
16 June 2011 @ 01:15 am
Alright gonna start posting some of these up I think

Here are all the Batman drabbles (well most of them anyway)

Mockery (Jason Todd)

What if it had been Dick.Collapse )

# # #

Batman & Huggin' (Dick & Damian)

I am going to hug you until you promise not to go insane.Collapse )

# # #

Bat-trolls (Jason & Damian)

Aren’t you supposed to be in jail?Collapse )

# # #

Jason Todd, victim of Gotham’s revolving-door prison system (Jason, Dick, Damian)

“He’d be way better as my sidekick, we’re both morally bankrupt assholes.Collapse )

# # #

No Going Back (Damian/Dick, consent and age warning)

The part his mother built is calling him a cowardCollapse )

# # #

Bat-phobias (Dick & Damian)

You’re afraid of monkeys.Collapse )

# # #

Conjugal Visits (Dick, Brunette Jason/Ginger Jason)

It’s like looking into the sexiest mirror.Collapse )
TITLE: My Greatest Hate
SERIES: Thor (movieverse)
SUMMARY: A single touch, that was all it took to drive Loki to the point of madness. A touch, and the warmth behind it.

The real seed of destruction was planted many years ago, with a warm hand firmly clutching Loki's ownCollapse )
09 May 2011 @ 12:52 am
Since I haven't had much drive to do anything beyond my "daily" drabbles on Tumblr and since I HAVE been doing a fair few of them, I figure I'll do a roundup once in awhile to prove I am alive and doing things

Warning: most of them are basically me just having no respect for the Batfamiliy. Tumblr will do that to you.


Day One - DC: Jason Todd - Jason Todd
Day Two - Sherlock BBC: Sherlock and John - Sherlock is a creeper
Day Three - Young Justice: Roy/Wally - the awkward boner hour
Day Four - Marvel: Billy/Teddy - no nicer witch than you
Day Five - Young Justice: Roy and Ollie - in which Roy is a complicated fellow
Day Six - Beyblade: Kai/Max - blast from the past
Day Seven - Young Justice: Roy/Wally - i hate you ♥
Day Eight - DC: Jason/Tim - Jason ♥'s Tim
Day Nine - DC: Dick and Damian - Batman & Huggin'
Day Ten - Young Justice: Roy and Ollie - FOR GREAT JUSTICE
Day Eleven - DC: Bruce/Clark - hey Clark 'sup
Day Twelve - Marvel: Tony/Steve - Tony curses his dick
Day Thirteen - Avengers EMH: Hulk and Hawkeye - the most unlikely bros
Day Fourteen - DC: Jason and Damian - Bat-trolls
Day Fifteen - DC: Jason and Dick - Jason Todd, victim of Gotham's revolving-door prison system
Day Sixteen - Assassin's Creed: Altair/Malik - hello it is easter have some gay arabs
Day Seventeen - Assassin's Creed: Altair/Malik - you can catch more assassins with honey than with throwing knives
Day Eighteen - Marvel: Spider-man/Deadpool - in which Spider-Man and Deadpool have opinions about urban agriculture
Day Nineteen - DC: Dick/Damian - no going back now
TITLE: Purpose
SERIES: Young Justice
CHARACTERS: Red Arrow, Green Arrow
SUMMARY: Roy receives an unexpected guest.

I was in the neighborhood.Collapse )
TITLE: After Many Years
SERIES: BBC Sherlock
PAIRING: past Sherlock/Victor
SUMMARY: Sherlock runs into an old acquaintance, and John always knows the right thing to say.
NOTES: for misura, for qldfloodauction

I know he will not listen to meCollapse )
TITLE: Tactical Advantages
SERIES: Young Justice
PAIRING: one-sided Kid Flash/Robin
SUMMARY: In which there is much jealousy and pockets.
NOTES: For kawaiiphantom , who made me watch this doofy superhero show in the first place ♥

A bendy, thirteen-year-old, asshole exception to the rule.Collapse )
TITLE: Not Flying but Falling
SERIES: Young Justice
PAIRING: Superboy/Aqualad
SUMMARY: In which Aqualad makes a daring substitution
NOTES: yj_anon_meme deanon

I will give you what I can.Collapse )
TITLE: The Definitive Moment
SERIES: Inception
PAIRING: Fischer/Saito
SUMMARY: Robert is desperate and Saito is well-prepared for it.

Saito's office gave away nothing but his own ruthless precision.Collapse )